“Your donation this weekend will be doubled. Can you help us meet our goal?”

By Mark Trahant, editor | Saturday, November 7, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s Saturday. And the Associated Press just called Pennsylvania, thus ending this year’s presidential election. We have been ready. Social media was planned and set. Like everyone else, we were being patient. So not in our nature.

Now I have a minute to tell you about NewsMatch. This is a program that doubles a contribution to Indian Country Today. So if you can donate $125 … then it’s worth $250 to us. Our goal from Newsmatch is to raise $10,000 this weekend. We expect to do it the same way that presidential campaigns do these days, by bundling lots of small contributions.

Your contribution will be doubled! Now through December 31, individual donations are matched by a coalition of national funders through Newsmatch.

I am really proud of our team and election coverage. We followed more than 110 Native candidates across the country. We reached thousands of people with an election night broadcast that made our community the focus. And we are already busy ready to report on the issues facing the next administration and who will serve in the next government.

The journey of Indian Country Today has included our readers from the beginning of our re-launch more than two years ago. Our philosophy is to keep all of our content free. There are no subscriptions or costs for the content we produce. So your support is critical.

Thank you,

Mark Trahant, editor