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Outside of our membership programs, we welcome organizational partnerships (such as grants, corporate sponsorships, and major gifts) to support our mission and our vision for the future.


What started in 1981 as a weekly newspaper has become a spacious channel through which ICT now distributes news across our broadcast and digital platforms. Today, ICT is a division of IndiJ Public Media, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit news enterprise. Through IndiJ Public Media’s backing, ICT serves to honor our ancestors and future generations through stories that make Indigenous peoples come alive.


ICT is covering the Indigenous world with reporters in local communities across the U.S., bolstered by ICT’s news bureau hubs developing across 9 geographic regions. We have 3 established news bureaus in Washington, D.C., Anchorage, Alaska, and Missoula, Montana, with a goal to open 6 more bureaus in Oregon, Wisconsin, New York, Florida, Oklahoma, and California in the coming years. As we continue our expansion strategy to deepen and broaden local Indigenous journalism across the U.S. and beyond, we’ve identified 3 strategic priorities below that our partners can help us achieve.

Broadcast Excellence

Elevate the newscast to match network standards, with investments in new technology and additional staff, to gain new viewers and expand Indigenous programming.

Capacity Building  
Your support will bolster our capacity to improve our infrastructure, investing in what we need to grow while aligning our workforce to operational needs to enhance our digital, broadcast, and bureau offerings.

Compelling Storytelling

Invest in multimedia reporting, add 6 additional regional bureaus, and upgrade our technology so we may continue to report the news to and share more stories about this nation’s original inhabitants.

Bureau Expansion 

Improve the range and reach of our reporting by creating a regional news ecosystem in key geographic areas with high concentrations of Indigenous populations. 


Your investment will directly support our local Indigenous journalism expansion strategy as we aim to open additional bureaus in the coming years.

Next Generation

We are dedicated to transforming the narrative surrounding Indigenous people in the media while mentoring and preparing the next generation of Indigenous journalists to lead the future of news ecosystems.

National Internship Program 

Your contribution will help us continue to develop our internship program and build a pipeline of Indigenous journalists, editors, and newsroom leaders. 


Right now, less than 1% of professional reporters in the U.S. are Indigenous, and ICT’s Indigenous-led newsroom is on a mission to grow that number. Through our internship program, we’re working to mentor and coach the next generation of Indigenous journalists, in conjunction with opening new reporting bureaus across the country.

Let’s start a

Our coverage of Indigenous communities would not be possible without the belief and commitment from supporters of all kinds. You can join us in elevating Indigenous voices and become a partner today!


I’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have or to discuss how your interests align with our mission and organizational objectives. My contact information is below or feel free to fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Nick Roberts

Development Director

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Questions? Let’s start a conversation.

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